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Vasyl Novikov from Microsoft underlines that xUnit is used in the company to develop. NET Core itself. Part of the ReSharper package, dotCover can work both independently of ReSharper and together with it. LINQPad is a lightweight. The tool can run not only simple queries but also a series of queries. It has an integrated debugger and autocomplete capabilities IntelliSense support. Then you can modify the data and transform the database schema. Dotnet-script is a cross-platform. It can debug scripts directly in Visual Studio Code.

Supporting NuGet packages, dotnet-script code is relevant and can exist in a single file. Script debugging using dotnet-script, Source: GitHub. We also asked our experts how they narrow down the list of available toolset options for their. NET projects.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Project goal and simplicity. So I strive to have my tools list as short as possible. Usefulness in routine tasks. Marek Chramosil prefers tools that help him solve time-consuming tasks. Easy deployment to the production environment with minimal impact on it. Solid reputation. Naturally, I am going to trust a tool endorsed by an author on the topic more than say a homegrown tool developed 6 months ago by a random developer on GitHub.

Learning curve. Tell us about your first-choice. NET software and how they enhance your everyday tasks. Leave your comments down below. Published at DZone with permission of Kseniia Bezugla. See the original article here.

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Part 1 What is LINQ

Top 23 Tools for. DZone 's Guide to. We take a look at a wide swath of developer tools and how they fit into the. Free Resource. Like 4.

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Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Join For Free. IDEs and Code Editors for. Visual Studio Extensions As we mentioned, Visual Studio is very customizable, particularly via its extensions. The tool is available in three forms: The StyleCop Visual Studio extension : runs on any file, project, or solution in Visual Studio without any source code modifications. The StyleCop. MSBuild : runs on. NET 4. BenchmarkDotNet: A Powerful. Ignacio Fuentes. Was searching for UWP stuff and came upon the term '. NET Foundation'. Ran back here to see what it was but it wasn't mentioned.

Went to their web site dotnetfoundation. Odi Kosmatos. NET in the "Nice to know" section. It's important knowledge for web devs, but not everyone is a web dev. Scott Koon. Great article.

Tom Robinson. Useful article. I guess you have a typo at some point where you say Visual Studio Core, you probably meant Code. There is an implicit contrast in your comments between C and VB which doesn't really do modern VB justice. I think it is or should be a question of syntactic preference and not of capability. NET core support. Craig Johnson. The term LINQ is really used now to cover the fluent pipelining of IEnumerables and as such is a really useful set of tools to know.

Your description doesnt do it justice. The whole 'put sql directly in your code' syntax trick seems less used. Sachin Joseph. Hi Scott, I really enjoy your. Net community stand up.

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  • You guys are really entertaining and share a lot of great information. But, I am also interested in mobile development with Xamarin. I realize Xamarin is probably still being integrated into the Microsoft collective. Any chance you could pass on a request to have a similar show for Xamarin in the future with a format similar to your show. I would be happy to watch you talk about Xamarin as well if you get the time :. Steven Foxover. Is it correct the Console applications are missing in the first picture? May sound a bit dull, but for me they are live and kicking for deploying things in a docker container!

    Manuel Riezebosch. Henrik Feldt.

    Three Parts of a Query Operation

    Hi Scott, great list. Thumbs up. I would definitely add Entity Framework Core somewhere in that list. Thomas Claudius Huber. NET Core, which is fully capable of running on top of. A more precise illustration was to move ASP. NET on top of both runtimes or make it a distinct box which overlaps both. Anyways, thanks for a nice post. Educational as always.

    Scott Howser. Those C 7 features are fire, fam! I had no idea any of those were coming.

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    C 6 was awesome and that's even more awesome. Tuples and Deconstruction are my favorite Python anyone. Inner functions, expression destructors, etc. I can't wait! Chris B. Mateusz Pustelak. Great job Scott! This is definitely my go-to article if I ever need to explain. NET to anybody. Indra Lawi.